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Study Abroad Programs

Since 2002, our fully inclusive study abroad programs have brought thousands of students to experience full English immersion in the USA and Canada. Caramel Tree offers a variety of study abroad programs for children Grades 5 to Grade 12 through our academy locations in Seattle, WA, Vancouver BC, and San Francisco, CA.

International Camps

By offering a variety of camps, each parent can choose the best option for their child. Our camps have the same goal of total English immersion and fun in mind, but are shorter in length compared to our study abroad programs. They may take place in various locations and are fully staffed to ensure the safety and health of each student.

  • Study Abroad Programs

    Our study abroad programs in the USA and Canada provide unique opportunities for globalized learning in an English immersion environment.

USA & Canada Overseas Camp

Uniting the World Through English

The success of our study abroad programs is due to our focus on putting the students at the center of our attention. While we work with the best partners, each of our study abroad programs is created and run by our fulltime team members located in the same city as the study abroad program.

We work with the best local partners to provide school immersion experiences in Seattle, San Francisco, and Vancouver.

We offer a variety of camps allowing parents to choose the right option for their child. The camps may differ in schedule and lodging but they all share the same goal of immersing students into an English-speaking environment in order to help them communicate confidently in English as well as to experience new cultures.

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