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What is innoTree?

innoTree offers a set of innovative education management solutions throught an integrated online platform fo schools.

Why innoTree?

Having a great curriculum, talented teachers, and diligent students are essential ingredients for the success of any school.
In addition, it is increasingly important for schools to have effective and efficient systems to manage their diverse needs.
From student recruitment and placement to students’ learning achievements and their progress.
From teacher orientation and training to the learning outcomes in each of their classes.
And from ensuring parents have accurate and timely information about their child’s learning progress to designing student learning paths.

innoTree offers
Total Teaching & Learning Solutions!

For Students

innoTree delivers fun, active, and positive eLearning content that is interactive and engaging, ultimately boosting students’ learning performance.

  • Self-paced and individualize learning paths
  • Performance evaluation with clear level goals

For Teachers

innoTree empowers teachers by placing a wealth of resources at their fingertips so that they can deliver dynamic classes and manage their students’learning.

  • Lesson planning guidelines and materials
  • Effective student management

For Managers

innoTree provides innovative education management solutions that can enable the school’s growth.

  • Student records and scheduling
  • Class Quality Assurance systems

For Parents

innoTree provides direct access to monitor their child’s learning progress.

  • Student progress reports
  • Learning assignments and homework tracking