Fun and innovative products
for young English language learners.

Play POT is an interactive English program for preschool children that brings the fun of learning English into the home. Our Play POT English products include smart phone apps, songs, alphabet games, paper dolls, mazes, sketchbooks, and more. Children are able to engage in in self-paced learning or play along with friends!

Play POT ToyN is the most advanced learning board game with image recognition software. This game allows kids to enjoy learning various English contents with their own smart device by scanning the images on the board.

Play POT English is currently available on Android at the Google Play store.

Play POT ABC Sketchbook

“Smart Learning”

Explore the letters of the alphabet and words with your smart phone!

Our Play POT ABC Sketchbooks give children the opportunity to learn the alphabet in an interactive way. Whether in the classroom or at home, children can follow the multimedia while coloring, drawing, tracing and using stickers to create their own personal portfolio of the alphabet! Using all the motor skills combined with innovative mobile app technology, Play POT ABC Sketchbooks draw in the interest of young learners everywhere.

Stickers and review pages give children the opportunity to practice the alphabet letters they have just learned!

The mobile learning app is free to download. Let the fun begin!