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for young English language learners.

Junior eLearning Elementary Program

“Learning English in leaps and bounds”

With over 720 online lessons, our innovative eLearning program for elementary students provides English language learners with engaging practice in a naturally progressive way.


Students experience virtual immersion into a world of English through the online materials. Each lesson begins with a warm-up activity and gradually works the students through the tasks until they get the answers right.


Each lesson has a clear learning focus providing measurable attainment over the course of the program. The variety of tasks in the online materials aim to address reading, listening, speaking, and writing skills at each level so students develop their English with an integrated skills focus.


The Junior eLearning Program is designed to help children to learn English in leaps and bounds as indicated by our leveling system. Rather than label our five levels with the standard format, we chose to indicate our levels using words related to motion, HOP, WALK, JOG, RUN, and SPRINT!

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