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Our Learning Model

Making English Learning Fun

Learning a new language can be challenging and even boring for children if it is not relevant for them. Children will easily get distracted with so many competing pastimes. Caramel Tree believes in making English learning fun by providing engaging and interactive content.

Offering Personalized Learning

Traditional models for learning ESL through drilling and repetition often lack personalization. Caramel Tree’s reading-based programs ensure each child can connect with the learning through our interesting and thought-provoking stories. At each level, students read a set of carefully leveled storybooks and complete accompanying exercises and activities so that English learning is always relevant and in context.

Providing Continuity in Learning

Children who live in countries where English is a foreign language may not progress effectively if they cannot practice English outside of the classroom. Caramel Tree’s blended learning programs provide off-line and on-line content that takes learning beyond the classroom. The results are greater continuity in learning and increased success.

Write - Authors

Jan L. Coates

Jan L. Coates has been writing since 2000, bringing new characters and their worlds to children through over thirty of her published storybooks and novels. Jan is a Governor’s General Award finalist with her novel “A Hair in the Elephant’s Trunk” and she has written several stories for Caramel Tree including “The Cheesy Man Giant,” “If Dogs Could Talk…” and “Five Children and IT.” Jan also writes for Caramel Tree using pseudonyms allowing her vast range of written styles to be presented uniquely including in “Uncle Bobby and the Pirates” and “Bruno and the Brazilian Magic Eraser” which are published under Jan’s regular pen name, Don MacMillan. Her prolific writing and regular submissions to Caramel Tree mean that we can look forward to great new stories from Jan all the time. Look out for “The Tale of Avalon” which will published in Fall 2015. Jan lives in Wolfville, Nova Scotia.

Claire Kamber

Claire Kamber brings an international flavor to her stories having lived on three different continents and worked with ESL students from around the world. Her experience as a qualified TESOL instructor, coupled with her insight into children’s education, make her stories powerful vehicles for learning. In “Same Day Sunday,” the main character can’t resist going to play by the beach and ends up in dismay after a week full of Sundays because he just can’t get his homework done, teaching him the importance of finishing assigned tasks. Her story “Not All Londoners Wear Hats” weaves important lessons about culture and the dangers of stereotyping into an interesting and funny story. She currently lives in Dublin, Ireland.

Travis Baker

Travis Baker is an experienced ESL teacher with a creative imagination and a joy for telling stories. With over ten years of experience teaching young learners ESL, Travis knows first-hand the types of stories that young learners connect with. In “No Eggs Maria,” a whacky tale of an ingenious chicken who cannot lay eggs, and the action-packed “Mr. Mistako,” about a very accident prone super hero, Travis demonstrates perfectly how his stories connect with young readers. His stories are filled with intrigue and humor, captivating young readers. Travis is from Seattle, Washington, but spends most of his time in Seoul, South Korea.

Katherine Leigh

Katherine Leigh is a highly talented children’s storyteller with a unique perspective in her stories. Her experience as an ESL teacher along with her creative imagination provide the perfect combination for writing highly interesting and thought-provoking children’s stories that can be used in the classroom. Her stories “Super Earo” and “The Brainstormer” illustrate aspects of children’s learning such as the importance of listening carefully and sharing ideas. Katherine’s stories also highlight important themes such as bullying and responsibility to others. Katherine hails from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Jenny Moore

Jenny grew up on a small ranch in Eastern Oregon, and decided to be a writer when she was eight. Her first story was published fifteen years later. When not writing, she works as an aide at an elementary school. Her adaptations of classic children’s stories “The Jungle Book” and “Oliver Twist” showcase Jenny’s ability to make these stories accessible to young readers. Her descriptive prose and determined pace provide page-turning suspense to the stories, and her careful transitions ensure that young readers can cope with the detailed layers of the story. Jenny regularly submits new stories for Caramel Tree and we look forward to publishing more great stories by her. She lives in Joseph, Oregon.

Billie Huban

Billie Huban has written dozens of stories for children across the levels of Caramel Tree Readers. In Level 1, stories such as “What is Budu?” and “Bread and Cheese” are designed to promote fledgling reading skills through their simple structures and repeated vocabulary. At Level 2, Billie offers unique adaptations of classic fairy tales, and at Level 3 and above there are a range of new original stories with memorable characters and captivating plots. For example, “When the World Forgot the Colors” delivers a world where all the colors are wrong, and “Herbivoracious” is a hilarious account of a boy who only eats meat. With a Master’s in Education and over twenty years’ experience as an ESL teacher, Billie’s stories are insightful and educational. Billie comes from London, England, and now lives in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Will Jamieson

Will Jamieson has over ten years of experience as an ESL teacher and he has written and produced ESL curricula for young learners. His knowledge of ESL students has helped him tap into his vast creative resources to produce wonderful children’s storybooks including “The Wishing Well” and “Saving Jerry.” Caramel Tree has been home to Will’s wild imagination and published five popular titles under Will’s pen names including “Dino-Town” and “Jimmy’s Secret Monkey Friend.” When not writing or teaching ESL, Will loves to fly airplanes! He is a professional pilot instructor and lives in Surrey, British Columbia, with his wife and son.


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